… so hire me, maybe

Is your team short-staffed?
Are you out of your depth?
Bugs keep crawling out of the space between the lines?

Time to hire outside support.

I can help you and your team deliver solutions on time, within budget.

While my specialty is websites, I have designed relational databases, set up Linux servers, written systems level tooling, and created cross-platform applications. In 2023 I will finish a BSc in Electronics with a focus on Embedded Systems. I consider myself a full-stack generalist with a penchant for fixing weird bugs.

I believe every team can use a developer like me. Somebody able to tackle all kinds of problems, who can raise the level of attention to detail, and balance out missing skills.

Sounds like what you are looking for?    Send an email my way .

“I need someone who knows X”

If you think you need an expert who has been living and breathing only one language for many years, I might not fit your requirements.

See my CV for a list of programming languages and technologies I know.

That said, after a decade or so, you become quite good at learning new tech. I can probably learn that language. And I can adopt your team’s framework, even if it’s “historically grown” and full of dragons.